Musical Instrument Museum

Room 9

There are 36 instruments, 1 audio link and 1 video link in this room

Snake charmer's pipe, India, 2010

(l to r) Rattle, c. 2005; Musical box, Switzerland, 1970s (?); Ceramic pellet bell, Japan, 1980

(left) Two 4-hole ceramic ocarinas,1970s; (top centre) 4-hole plastic ocarina, 1990s; (bottom centre) Two 8-hole ceramic ocarinas, Peru, 1990s; (right) Ceramic ocarina, Germany, c. 1970

(left) Set of panpipes siku, Peru, c. 2000; (top centre and right) Two sets of panpipes siku, Peru, c. 2000; (bottom centre) Panpipes antara, Peru, 1990s

(l to r) Double duct flute dvojnice, Croatia, 1970s, listen; notched flute quena, Peru, 1980s; Double reed pipe, Israel, 1960s; Double reed pipe, Tunisia, 1968

( l to r) Two duct flutes sopilka, Ukraine, 1970s; duct flute, India, 1980s; Duct flute Peru, 1990s; Duct flute, Italy (Sicily), c. 2000; Reed pipe with wind cap, Greece (Santorini), 2012

(l to r) Sideblown flute, China, !970s; Duct flute, India,

1980s; External-duct flute by Ian Summers, 2000; 

External-duct flute, USA, 1993; duct flute aykhori, Peru, 1990s

Panpipes, Italy, 1979

Clarinet by EJ Albert, Belgium, c. 1910

Small guitar guitarrico by Jose Alvarez, Spain, 1930s

(l to r) External-duct flute suling, Indonesia, c. 2005; External-duct flute, Philipines, 1990; External-duct flute suling, Indonesia, c. 2005

Harp zither engkratong by Ian Summers, 1980, watch video

by Ian Summers