Musical Instrument Museum

Room 6

There are 15 instruments, 5 audio links and 1 video link in this room

(top) MIDI controller by M-Audio, 2012

(bottom) Kaossilator by Korg, 2008

Electronic instrument Eigenharp Pico, 2009

PT-31 keyboard by Casio, c. 1981, listen (1), listen (2)

Melodica by Apollo, 2011

(left) Harmonica Chrometta 10  by Hohner, Germany, c. 1980

(right) Harmonica Chrometta 8  by Hohner, Germany, c. 1980

Gong chime of earthenware pots by Ian Summers, 1989, listen (1), listen (2)

(left) Toy tambourine, 1980s

(right) Toy musical box, 1990s

Long lute baglamas, Greece, 1973, listen

Flamenco guitar by Vicente Sanchis, Spain, c. 2005, watch video

Steel-strung guitar by Eko, Italy, 1960s

Nylon-strung guitar by Serenata, 1980s

Ukulele by Skylark, China, 1980s

by Ian Summers