Musical Instrument Museum

Room 4

There are 13 instruments, 2 audio links and 1 video link in this room

Arched harp t'na, Thailand, c. 1990

Trough zither enanga, Uganda, c. 2000

Arched harp adungu, Uganda, c. 2000

Bowl lyre krar, Ethiopia, 1980s

Long lute qinqin by the Romance factory, China, c. 2010

Mandolin by Pietro Tonelli, Italy, c. 1910

Tambourine, Israel. 1990s, watch video

Banjo mandolin by Savana, 1920s

Chord zither by the Anglo-American Zither Company, USA, c. 1900

Bowed lute gusle, Serbia, 1970s

Long lute sueng (?), Thailand, 1978, listen

Small lute by Ian Summers, 1973

by Ian Summers



Lyre/zither by Ian Summers, 1979, listen