Musical Instrument Museum

Room 16

There are 17 instruments in this room

Two thumb pianos by Ian Summers, 2020

Toy electronic piano by Kids II, made in China for the UK, 2019; biscuit tin with musical movement by Marks and Spencer, 2019

Thumb piano by Alex Summers, 1997

Lute sueng, Thailand, c. 1990

Gothic harp by Donovan Tripp and                                             Ian Summers, 2020

Two plastic ukuleles by Flying Tiger, Denmark, 2021

(top to bottom) 'Modern Line' soprano recorder by Hohner, Germany, 1996; bird-shaped ocarina, Russia, 2019; soprano recorder by Levante, Germany, 2020; sideblown flute, Tibet, c. 2015

Indonesian zither sasandu by Ian Summers, 2021

Mountain dulcimer, made in a day by Ian Summers, 2020

Door harp by Ian for Stella, 2019

Bowed lute gusle, Serbia, c. 1990

by Ian Summers