Musical Instrument Museum

Room 1

There are 19 instruments, 2 audio links and 3 video links in this room


Tube zither sasando, East Timor, c. 1990

Cigar-box fiddle, England, 1920s

Long lute by Ian Summers, 1969, listen

Zither banjo by Barnett Samuel, England, c. 1905, watch video

Miniature guitar, 2010

Double dulcimer by Ian Summers, 2013, watch video

Upright piano by Steinhart, Germany, 1920s

Double psaltery by Ian Summers, 1972, listen

Left to right:

Plastic sideblown flute, England, c. 1990

Duct flute, Peru, 1990s

Bamboo duct flute, India, c. 1980

Sideblown bamboo duct flute, India, 1980s

Sideblown flute, Indonesia, c. 2000

Endblown flute, Phillipines, 1990

Notched flute quena, Peru, 1989

Violin by Thomas Armstrong, Scotland, 1873

Viola, Germany, 1970

Table harp (chord zither), England, 1980s (?), watch video

Metronome by Maelzel, c. 1900

by Ian Summers