Musical Instrument Museum

Room 8

There are 18 instruments and 1 audio link in this room

Toy polyphon (disc musical box) by Fisher Price, c. 1982

Toy metallophone by Fisher Price, 1980s

Toy metallophone by Hohner, 1980s

Clockwork musician, China, c. 1985

Melodica by Hohner, Germany, 1960s

Toy metallophone Pixiphone by Chas E Methven Ltd, England, 1960s

Chord zither, Germany, c. 1900, listen

Earthenware drum, Morocco, c. 2000

(l to r) Tenor recorder by Schott, Germany, 1960s

Soprano recorder by Hohner, Germany, 1990s

Soprano recorder by Aulos, 1990s

Tin whistle, 1990s

(l to r) Pair of laced drums, Uganda (?), 1980s; Maraca, 2002; Two pairs of ceramic drums, Morocco, c. 2000

Miniature accordion Mignon I  by Hohner, Germany, 1960s

by Ian Summers



Melodeon Commander, Germany, 1920s (?)