Musical Instrument Museum

Room 2

There are 25 instruments and 1 audio link in this room

(left) Harmonica Echo-Luxe by Hohner, Germany, 1920s

(right) Harmonica Three Sisters by Hohner, Germany, 1980s

(left) Two sided harmonica Echo Harp by Hohner, Germany, 1980s

(right) Harmonica Marine Band by Hohner, Germany, 1980s

(top) Duct flute, Morocco (Berber), 2010

(bottom) Toy duct flute, Sweden, 1992

(left) Harmonica Chrometta 10 by Hohner, Germany, 1970s

(right) Six-note pitch pipe (guitar tuner) by Schlott, Germany, 1970s

(left) Two metal jew's harps, India (?), 1990s

(right) Brass jew's harp with case, China (?), 2010

Five bamboo jew's harps (one with case), Philipines, 1990s, listen

Maracas, 1990s

(left) Castanets, Spain, 1980s

(right) Two tuned-rattle toys, c. 2005

Bullroarer, Australia, 1980

Two whirly tubes, 1990s

Set of tuned rattles anklung, Indonesia, 1980s

Toy rattle drum, India (?) 1990s

by Ian Summers