Musical Instrument Museum

Room 11

There are 31 instruments and 3 audio links in this room

Xylophone, Vietnam, c. 2000

Mandolin by Grasso Toscano Santi, Italy (Sicily), c. 1910

(left) Trumpet vuvuzela, South Africa, 2010 (right) coach horn (modern copy)

(top) Rain stick, Peru (?), 1990s; (bottom, l to r) pair of rhythm sticks, Australia, 1980; Small gourd rattle, Peru (?) c. 2000

Rattle, Kenya, c. 1990

(top) Nail violin by Ian Summers, 1989 (bottom) Toy melodica, 1990s (?)

East African board zither bangwe by Ian Summers, 2000

(l to r) Panpipes by Ian Summers, for children's workshop, 1989; duct flute, India (?) 1990s; sideblown duct flute, India, 1990s; duct flute, India, 1990s; Two olive-wood recorders, 1990s

(top to bottom) Jew's harp with case, Philipines, 1990s; Swanee whistle, 1990s; Harmonica, Germany, 1990s

Small xylophone balafon, Burkina Faso, 1980s

(l to r) Thumb piano mbira dzavadzimu, Zimbabwe, c. 2000; Thumb piano, Nigeria (?), 1990s; Thumb piano (Kenya), 1980s

(l to r) Duct flute by Ian Summers, made from a bicycle pump, 1971, listen; Duct flute, Indonesia (?), 1990s; External-duct flute suling, Indonesia, c. 2000; Duct flute, India (?), c. 1980, listen; Two duct flutes, Peru, 1990s 

by Ian Summers



Two-row thumb piano by Ian Summers, 2000, listen