Musical Instrument Museum

Room 15

There are 37 instruments in this room

Autoharp by Hopf, Germany (DDR), 1976

(top) Bell harp, England, c. 1870, heavily restored; (bottom) Kantele, Finland, c. 1980

(top row, l to r) Toy ocarina by the Early Learning Company, United Kingdom, 1990s; Ducted panpipes, Indonesia, 2017; Panpipes, Peru, 1990s; (bottom) Sideblown flute, Indonesia, 1990s

Steel-strung acoustic guitar by Audition (originally nylon-strung), Japan, 1970s

(top group, l to r) Party blowers, kazoo, three child's toy noise-makers, child's rattle: all 1990s; (centre, l to r) Brass bell, Netherlands, c. 1960; Ceramic whistle, Greece, 2017; Metal emerg-ency whistle, c. 2000; Brass jew's harp & case, India, 2018; (bottom, l to r) Toy metallophone by Invicta Plastics, England, 1980s; Brass finger bell, Vietnam (Meo tribe), c. 2000

Fretted clavichord by Ian Summers, 2018

(left to right) Maracas, c. 2000; Pair of ceramic drums, Morocco, c. 2000; Set of 8 plastic whistles (some missing from picture), c. 1980; Two thumb pianos, Kenya (?), 1990s

Pluriarc, DR Congo, 1960s

Acoustic guitar, 1970s, converted to acoustic bass

Button accordion bayan, Ukraine, 1970s

(l to r) External-duct flute suling, Indonesia, 1990s; Double reed pipe & case, Greece (Santorini), 2018; Octave-tuned harmonica Hohner Band by Hohner, Germany, 1970s; 6-hole ocarina, 1990s

by Ian Summers



Duct flute, India, 1990s


(top to bottom) Musical chocolate carton, Switzerland, 2010; Hurdy-gurdy kit by Ugears, Ukraine, 2017; Electronic chord generator by Tomy, made in China for the UK, 2015

Some that got away