Musical Instrument Museum

Room 10

There are 13 instruments, 1 audio link and 9 video links in this room

Sonometer by Griffin and George, England, c. 1960

Bass hammered dulcimer by Ian Summers, 1996, watch video

Two keyboards for electric organs, 1970s, listen

Icelandic zither langspil by Ian Summers, 2013, watch video 1, watch video 2

Hammered dulcimer yangqin, China, c. 1910, watch video

Stoessel lute, Germany, 1930s, watch video

Miniature bowed lute gusle, Serbia, 1980s

Pair of two-note drums by Ian Summers, 1980

Double psaltery by Ian Summers, 2003

Zither tonkori / lyre naresyukh by Ian Summers, 2010

watch video 1, watch video 2

Chord zither, modified from an autoharp, Germany, c. 1900 (?)

by Ian Summers



Lute with equal-spaced frets by Ian Summers, 2008, 

watch video 1watch video 2