Musical Instrument Museum

Room 7

There are 19 instruments and 2 video links in this room

Two sets of brass bells, India, c. 2000

top row (l to r): Castanets, Spain, 1970s; Musical-box movement, 1970s; Toy bullroarer, 1989

bottom: Pellet bell; Wooden whistle, 1920s (?); Tuning forks, c. 1900

Two sets of brass bells, India, c. 2000

Madagascan stick zither lokanga voatavo by Ian Summers, 1995, watch video

Two-headed drum, India, 1990

Harp zither by Ian Summers, 1992

Trombone by W Brown and Sons, England, c. 1960

Didjeridu semprong, Indonesia, c. 2005

7-string guitar, Russia, 1962, watch video

Two mouth organs khene, Thailand, 1980s

12-string guitar by Juan Estruch, Spain, c. 1980

by Ian Summers