Musical Instrument Museum

Room 5

There are 14 instruments, 1 audio link and 1 video link in this room

Two harp zithers by Ian Summers (top) and Don Tripp (bottom), 2008

Two harp zithers by Ian Summers, c. 2000

Harp lute by Ian Summers, 1977

Chord lute by Ian Summers, 1993

Miniature harp-lute kora, Gambia, 1980s

Bow harp by Don Tripp, 2007

Long lute hegalong, Philipines, 1980s

Bowed zither ukelin, USA, 1940s, watch video

Round-bodied guitar Skiffle-Jo by B & M, c. 1958

Solid-bodied electric guitar, 1990s

Board zither bangwe, Madagascar, c. 1970

Balalaika, Russia, 1975, listen

by Ian Summers